Voice Teacher

Don Roberts is a construction worker, he build’s human throats over the telephone. This is a psychological profile of a man who has dedicated most of his adult life to facilitating the human voice. According to him voice teaching is a sacred. He combined artistic singing with religious purpose. This documentary catapults you inside his hyperactive existence

Crime After Crime

Two Jewish lawyers representing Debora Peagler, who was sentenced to 20 years in jail for having murdered her husband fight between them. Her husband had ruined her life abusing and maltreating her. Their fight is taken by them voluntarily based on a Jewish obligation “unfastening prisoners”. A well renowned film.  


An unfamiliar story about Jews who have changed worlds having left Russia and come to Germany. They tell of their life before, their repressed faith, their fighting against the Nazis, their exciting story.  

Farwell Finland

Elma ,Roosa, Terttu and Kaisu were among the hundreds of Finnish girls who left Lapland with the retreating Germans troops and set out on a journey towards Germany in the fall of 1944. How were the “German soldiers’ sweethearts” received when they returned home afterthe war? 

Starring David

David is an ambitious witty 12-year old child whose mother is not Jewish and is therefore is regarded as non-Jewish. He wants to become fully Jewish but why? This is a mature children’s documentary that touches on major themes such as faith anti-Semitism and identity.

Viva Espania

Hana Aharoni – A Legend of Four Octaves Hana Aharoni the Israeli singer with a strong and special voice started her career at young age and conquered the world thanks to her huge talent. The film tells her story and is highlighted with her songs. 

Shoah: The Aftermath

At the end of the war Holocaust survivors had to face many new difficulties. The survivors of the death camps eventually found refugee in silence. Who could listen and understand the unconceivable? It took decades to make them talk about this period. This movie provides an unexpected view about this neglected period of history. 

Little Heroes

A child whose father died in the army, a Russian girl with telepathic capabilities, a mentally retarded teenager and a repelled kibbutz child go on an adventure to the Negev following the intuitions of the girl. On their voyage the group unites and faces a problem of life and death and go through overcoming and growing up. 

After Death

After his beloved wife’s the death. Avner, 79, rebels against mourning customs. The family come for Shiva (??) but finds a locked door. Avner at home ignores both knocking and telephone calls. His grandson is forced to break into his apartment in a heartbreaking scene. 

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